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            ? 公司秉承“銳意創新,精益求精”的文化理念。依找全景式思維,積極應對21世紀的艱巨挑戰,博采眾長,

            The company was founded in 2005,is a professional engaged in the plastic processing machinery manufacturing enterprises, for many years of painstaking research needs of industrial plastic processing equipment,science and technology R&D,Rong with continuous innovation and strict quality assurance system, professional technical service team , to solve for the customer to tailor the most perfect plastic processing equipment and complete set of technology scheme.

            Companies adhering to the “together,grow together,enjoy together,”the concept of culture,Based on panoramic thinking, difficult challenges,positive response to the twenty-first century and attract talents. The company all staff warmly welcome people with lofty ideals to join, to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development and prosperity and Rong Department, strive to create the industry of plastic? processing equipment brands in the world.


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